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Shockwave therapy is a treatment that speeds up the healing process in your body. This treatment heals chronic pain while stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation. Some of the common areas that people use shockwave therapy for include the feet, hips, shoulders, legs, back and knee pain. In many cases, this treatment reduced pain

The Benefits of Facial Cupping

We’ve discussed the many benefits of cupping therapy in our previous blog posts, but what we haven’t talked about is facial cupping. What is facial cupping?  Facial cupping is a treatment that helps tighten, smoothen and brighten your skin. This treatment differs from a regular body cupping treatment in a few ways. Firstly, this treatment
Stress is something that everyone deals with from time to time. There are different symptoms to recognize stress in yourself. Your health can be affected by stress, which is why it’s important to recognize these symptoms and learn how to handle minor or major causes of stress. THINKING SYMPTOMS These symptoms include constant worrying, forgetfulness,
Whether you’re working long hours, or COVID-19 has got you feeling down most days causing major headaches, there are ways you can relieve these headaches at home. Self-care comes in many forms, and sometimes all you may need is to tap into your happiness chemicals. The science of happiness is hidden in your daily routine.