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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Vancouver | Body Option Clinic - Physiotherapy and Acupuncture West Broadway
Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on musculoskeletal damages that can occur from sprains, arthritis or sports-related injuries. Even though a deep tissue massage can be likened to a Swedish massage, as they both use similar techniques, the purpose, the areas that are focused on and the amount of pressure that is applied in each differ
Ozone Therapy | Knee Pain | Body Option Clinic Vancouver
People who can walk, run, and do other physical activities freely often take that ability for granted. Others who are physically impaired by chronic diseases like osteoarthritis are less inclined to partake in such activities as they are plagued by pain, reduced mobility, emotional distress and generally, reduced quality of life. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative
Masage Therapy Benefits | Body Option Clinic
Some consider getting a massage a luxury that simply makes you feel good. But with an influx of research over the years, medical practitioners have come to realize that massage therapy has a wide range of benefits that can improve an individual’s overall well-being. Benefits of massage therapy Here are some of the amazing benefits
Acupuncture to Relieve the Symptoms of Menopause | Body Option Clinic
Menopause is a naturally occurring condition that primarily affects women between the ages of 45-56. The root cause of menopause is hormonal imbalance, and it can affect women in a variety of ways. The bottom line, however, is that menopause – and its many symptoms – can adversely affect the well-being and everyday life of