Four archetypes: Best Friends, Working Relationship, Love-Hate, and Divorced. This categorization aims to assist you in understanding your current relationship with pain; it will naturally fluctuate and change depending on your circumstances.


The BOC Method is a new tier of pain treatment being offered by Body Option Clinic in Vancouver, BC. Clinic Director Cody Zhang saw the need for a more nuanced approach to treating pain.

Pain has received such a bad reputation that we may have forgotten it's a necessary and natural part of life. The BOC Method is focused on helping you rebuild and maintain a positive relationship with pain, become pain literate, while offering a new menu of dynamic treatment methods crafted for form and not just function.

We hope this thoughtful, holistic approach will help you fall in love with the discomfort that comes along with the healing and health journey; it doesn't have to be dry and clinical—it can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.


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