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Traditional Cupping in Vancouver

Traditional cupping is a practice that improves circulation and rejuvenates the body, as well as relieving pain, swelling, and digestive or respiratory disorders. We simply apply a silicon or glass cup onto specific points on the body, mostly focusing on the back. The cups are left on the body for a certain amount of time. During this time, the cups will “suck out” all the toxins from the body towards the surface of the skin. At the same time, patients will experience total relaxation from the detoxifying effect. Cupping draws fresh Qi and blood to the area of focus, which strengthens the vital energy, facilitates the cleansing of the body and oxygenates the tissues and muscles.

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Yi Cupping (易罐)

Developed around the early 2000’s by one of Cody’s mentors, Dr. Zhong Shi Yuan, who is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner that specializes in spinal disorders in the city of Guangzhou, China. The cups used in this style are colourful silicon cups and the treatment is almost the same as for traditional cupping therapy. In a similar manner, Yi Cupping increases range of movement (ROM) of the joints, improves circulation in the joints, relieves adhesions, helps to dissipate scar tissue and corrects postural issues such as upper crossed syndrome, lower crossed syndrome, frozen shoulder and so on.

Yi Cupping is a fantastic tool for chronic pain conditions, fatigue, and limited range of movement in the joints and even helps patient to become more peaceful and have a restful mind.