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What are Athletic Performance Injections?

This treatment is used to enhance physical performance without the use of steroids. These amino acid injections aid in muscle recovery and increase production of natural growth hormones, which lead to various benefits including increased strength and athletic performance, better and deeper sleep, quicker recovery from workouts, muscle sparing during calorie restrictive diets, and improved body immunity.

Although amino acid supplements found in specialty health stores have been around for several decades, they often contain unnecessary fillers and are of low quality due to subpar manufacturing practices. Furthermore, they lose a lot of their potency once digested. By receiving these amino acids via intramuscular injections, the nutrients are directly absorbed into the bloodstream, offering the highest level of bioavailability and in turn, providing the best possible results.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients, and is essential for our bodies to function properly, operate at optimal levels, build muscle and maintain and healthy weight. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and function as the essential building blocks for all the tissues in the body.

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