Tailbone Adjustment for Pain Relief (Coccydynia)
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What Is Coccydynia?

Coccydynia is the clinical name for tailbone pain. Tailbone pain usually occurs when:

  • Fall on to tailbone/buttocks
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Increase in pressure on the lower back 
  • Bowel movements
  • In women, either before or during menstruation
  • Post-partum

It not only hurts, but it’s also terribly inconvenient. Due to the structure being immobile, pressure can also cause irritation to the surrounding ligaments or damage to the bone itself. Coccydynia usually resolves fairly rapidly after treatment. However, if ignored, it can become a chronic challenge.

Your coccyx, commonly known as your tailbone, is made of 3-5 fused vertebrae. The coccyx (tailbone) is connected to the sacrum by a disc, with tightly bound ligaments holding it both together – this makes the joint very immobile.

How to Treat Coccyx-Tail Bone Pain

While coccyx-tail bone pain occurs after a fall or vaginal childbirth, it can potentially happen in other ways, such as extended activities that apply pressure directly to the tailbone or if your pelvis is misaligned. Also, pain is more common in females as they have a broader pelvis, which increases the pressure on the coccyx when sitting. A female coccyx is also rotated, making it even more prone to injury. Our chiropractors are trained to treat the majority of tailbone pain via manipulation or mobilization of the joint. The optimal way to adjust the coccyx is manipulation through the anus. No need to feel embarrassed. An internal coccyx adjustment through the anus can be done by our licensed, trusted chiropractor to realign structures and decrease pain.

About Coccyx-Tail Bone Adjustments

Our adjustments are done gently and as comfortably as possible. Though the internal (through the anus) coccyx adjustment can be a bit uncomfortable, it is not painful. The 2-5 minute procedure can be stopped at any time if you feel any discomfort or pain. If the coccyx itself is out of place, after correction, it will stay unless otherwise reinjured. Follow-up treatments will be required, depending on the severity and irritation of the surrounding ligaments and structures, especially in chronic cases. Once your coccyx pain has passed, it is important to address the surrounding areas, including your pelvis and lumbar spine, to restore optimal function.

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