Our practitioners are committed to giving you the care you deserve. We’ll listen closely, answer your questions and do what it takes to help you overcome your condition and live a life of health and vitality.

Cody Zhang | Licensed Acupuncturist
Cody Zhang is the founder of the clinic and has a goal to build the preeminent chronic pain treatment clinic in the lower mainland. He describes himself as a “compassionate, independent thinker” who can apply his logical mind in treating the pain/problem while caring deeply about the human being in front of him. When he’s not busy treating patients, he is weight training, learning new things and playing his Gibson Les Paul.
Dr. Robin Lewis Naturopathic Medicine Physician
Growing up in Northern, BC, where healthcare was harder to access, Dr. Lewis can appreciate the value of having a physician that truly understands you. Her aim is to have patients felt heard, understood and that ultimately reach their highest level of health possible. This means going well beyond just preventing disease and into a place where everything is optimized and working at its highest capacity. While she accepts patients with most health concerns, her practice tends to focus on: acute/chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, sleep disturbances, digestive conditions, stress management, weight management, sports medicine, concussions, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, chronic infections, and detoxification.
Dr. Karen Dallas, MDCM(FRCPC), Board Certified Physician and Cosmetic Specialist
Dr. Dallas is a multi-specialty physician, originally trained in Hematopathology & Transfusion Medicine and more recently board-certified in Aesthetic Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine. Outside of her pure medical training, she is also certified as a personal trainer, a life coach, and a quality improvement specialist. She is also passionate about education, leadership and global medicine.
Dr. Baronas, Chiropractor
Dr. Daniel was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, and has recently relocated to Vancouver, with a two-year pit stop in Edmonton. Dr. Daniel is an avid sports fan and former multi-sport athlete, primarily football, in which he captained the 2011 Vanier Cup championship team at McMaster. Throughout his athletic endeavours, he has suffered and sought treatment for a wide variety of injuries. As well, has done several internships in both rehab and strength and conditioning with teams at the amateur and professional levels. These experiences led him to a career in chiropractic where he’s able to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues from head to toe.
Meghan Hawkshaw (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Meghan received her Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from UBC. She graduated from the Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a Registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA.

For Meghan, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a tool that helps identify and treat patients’ needs. She enjoys helping patients find answers and solutions to their health concerns that work for their lifestyles. Her specialties are women’s health, Kid’s health, musculoskeletal pain and digestive issues.

Kaylee Dodds, Licensed Acupuncturist
Kaylee graduated from Vancouver Island University with a Degree in Physical Education. Following graduation, Kaylee backpacked around the world for six months. While in India, Kaylee had her first encounter with acupuncture. She was suffering from an illness, and acupuncture was the only modality that was able to provide relief. Kaylee fell in love with the medicine and hasn’t looked back since.
Zac Peerawit Chaiyasow, Thai Massage Therapist
Zac Peerawit Chaiyasow is a professional masseur from Thailand where he practiced for 2-years before moving to Canada. He became a masseur at a young age to help his grandmother, who he would give massages to, to help her feel comfortable and happy. At that time, Zac wondered how someone felt such joy from massages until he got a Thai massage himself. Ever since then, he has helped many patients heal and feel good about their bodies with the work of his hands.
Lina Li – Registered Massage Therapist
Prior to Lina becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, she was working as an esthetician at a spa. While working there, she built up her clientele through her massage treatment, and realized that a copious amount of her client’s were coming in with chronic muscle pain and joint issues and were really wanting to seek help from Lina specifically, however she could only do so much with the skill set she had.
Cody Egan | Massage Therapist
Cody takes pride in both his practical and academic knowledge. He applies this to his practice to get a comprehensive picture of what is causing the patient’s problem and then create a solution. In practice, Cody has experience working in a variety of settings including Lululemon’s SeaWheeze half marathon, UBC Varsity Sports, GF Strong Rehab Center, and more. He has experience working with a great variety of health conditions.
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