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Laser-Scanned Footprint Orthotics
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What is a 3D foot scan (Laser-Scanned Footprint Orthotics)?

Laser-Scanned Footprint Orthotics - (otherwise known as a 3D foot scan) creates a digital image or ‘footprint’ of your foot. The technology actually creates a three-dimensional image of your feet! We also use a hi-tech gait analysis mat that analyses your gait. This technology allows a clinician to provide shoes that fit - totally custom to your feet.

Why are 3D foot scans and gait analysis better?

We have all suffered from ill-fitting shoes. It is even worse if we are plagued by some sort of foot ailment or pain. That’s why technology companies developed 3D foot scans. They are extremely accurate – within 0.4mm of accuracy. One of the best things about 3D foot scanners is it allows clinicians to quickly and ultra-accurately scan the feet to create custom orthotic devices tailored to the patient's individual foot. Not only does this streamline the work of orthotics and minimize mistakes, it produces higher-quality results and a more comfortable solution for the patientA 2014 study showed that 3D foot scanners demonstrated greater accuracy than many other methods and supported the use of 3D scanners.

What are the benefits of a 3D foot scan and gait analysis?

Below are the advantages of 3D foot scans:

  1. Provides fast scans and gait analysis – 3D scans allow for a faster scan of the plantar and posterior surfaces of the foot and heel, as well as the medial and lateral sides of the foot and lower leg. The sooner the foot is scanned, the faster the lab receives the scan to manufacture the orthotics.
  2. Allows for a more comfortable scanning experience – 3D scanners allow for a non-weight bearing, neutral position of the foot, which means patients can lie down on an exam table for the scan. Previous methods required the patient to be in a standing position, with the foot setting on a flat surface.
  3. Ensures precision and accuracy – 3D scanners produce extremely precise and highly detailed impressions of the foot, down to 0.4mm, which is great because even the tiniest differences can make a big difference to the comfort and effectiveness of custom orthotics.
  4. 3D scanners reveal other issues – Additional diagnostic techniques such as postural assessment and the biomechanical exam can be done using a 3D scanner.

Compared to traditional casting methods, 3D foot scanners are environmentally friendly, resulting in less material waste. They’re also extremely fast and efficient, which enables the clinician to spend more time assessing the patient’s situation.

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