Cody Zhang

Cody Zhang | Licensed Acupuncturist

Cody Zhang is the founder of the clinic and has a goal to build the preeminent chronic pain treatment clinic in the lower mainland. He describes himself as a “compassionate, independent thinker” who can apply his logical mind in treating the pain/problem while caring deeply about the human being in front of him. When he’s not busy treating patients, he is weight training, learning new things and playing his Gibson Les Paul.


Cody has learned from many international renowned mentors ( Dr. Zhong Shi Yuan, the founder of “Active Cup”, Dr.Huang Shi Pei, Classical Formula Expert, Dr. Zhou Dai Han, International renowned Chinese Medicine Oncologist, Dr.Rod Leblanc, founder of the Society for Acupoint Injection Therapy), Dr. Frank Shallenberger, founder of Prolozone® and director of The Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma from PCU Holistic Medicine College

Internship at the First Affiliate Hospital of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine University 2009-2012

Certified in Ozone and Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Herbal Formula, Traditional & Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping

Pre-exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine as early as 7 years old


Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
S.A.I.T Society of Acupuncture Injection Therapy Module 1
S.A.I.T Society of Acupuncture Injection Therapy Module 2
OzoneTherapy Certification Course
Beginning Prolozone Course® 2017
MSKUS - Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Certification Program from Hands-On Seminars
(Upper extremities, lower extremities, spine)
Dynamic Ultrasound Imaging training (Upper & lower extremities)
Dr.Huang Huang Classical Formula Training

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