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Herbal Remedies
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What are herbal remedies?

The idea of herbal remedies is that, by using and combining the different natures of herbs (mostly vegan products such as leaves, seeds, roots, stems and minerals) to harmonize and regulate the body’s function, we have come to discover that our body is an excellent organism for absorbing these herbs to achieve optimal wellness. Chinese herbal medicine is very different than the Western medicine approach we are accustomed to. Chinese herbs serve a two-way purpose in your body.

For example: Astragalus has become more and more popular in the supplement industry. It provides its unique function of increased intestinal absorption and boosting immunity. In the clinic, a low dose of Astragalus can increase blood pressure while on the other hand, when a higher dose is applied, it can lower blood pressure.

This is exactly the same as what our body does: when certain hormones are being released in our brain, they can cause a beneficial effect on our body but, when over produced, however, they do the opposite.

Our goal is that you will experience the optimal wellness and performance that you are supposed to have. We provide herbal granules which are strictly monitored by GMP standards, and make sure they do not contain any sort of heavy metal, aflatoxins or pesticide residuals. Your wellness is our priority.

Further questions about the type of treatment that's best for you?

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