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Brain Tap Therapy
Located on Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

Does the concept of meditation sometimes seem overwhelming? You enter into it with the best of intentions, and yet you find yourself coming out feeling even more stressed or frustrated? We understand, and may just have the perfect alternative for you while you navigate through your meditation journey.

Our Brain Tap device enhances theta waves in the brain, creating a feeling of deep relaxation similar to what you’d experience after meditation or during deep REM sleep. It uses neuro-algorithm technology to create the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound, so you can train your brain to relax and reorganize itself by forming new neuro-pathways.

Are you looking for brain tap therapy in Vancouver?

The four key elements behind the science of Brain Tap are binaural beats, guided visualization, 10-cycle holographic music, and isochronic tones. The headset also provides gentle light pulses that travel through the eyes and ears to send signals to the brain, resulting in a deeply relaxing state. So the next time you have a stressful meditation, just come into Body Option Clinic to decompress with Brain Tap.