Lina Li

Lina Li - Registered Massage Therapist

Prior to Lina becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, she was working as an esthetician at a spa. While working there, she built up her clientele through her massage treatment, and realized that a copious amount of her client’s were coming in with chronic muscle pain and joint issues and were really wanting to seek help from Lina specifically, however she could only do so much with the skill set she had.

The catalyst for Lina to pursue RMT was when she was treating a client and during the treatment the client disclosed that she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This was the first time Lina heard of this condition, but she could see how distraught this made her client. This experience made a significant impact on Lina and made her strive to find out causes for ailments in the body and what drove her to delve into the world of RMT. She even purposely found a patient with Fibromyalgia Syndrome for her final case study project. She has such a passion to learn as much as she can, and be able to treat conditions throughly.

When Lina isn’t working, she is usually at the gym to maintain her flexibility and her strength, or hanging out with friends discovering new cuisines. She is a massive cat lover, and considers her English Shorthair her baby. She enjoys making videos, and hopes to start her own YouTube channel one day. She is also a beauty consultant, and loves to help people with problematic skin, especially targeting sensitive skin.

Lina specializes in aiding the relief of severe headaches and migraines and post-surgery scar tissue formation. While she was in school, she volunteered at B.C Women’s Hospital Antepartum and Postpartum Department so now she has a special interest in pre/post natal massage.


Lina studied and graduated with honors from Vancouver Career College: RMT Program, and has treated over 400 patients at the school clinic.

She has eight years of massage experience including deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, hot stone, aromatherapy, and advanced facial treatments.

Lina is also a Certified esthetician, skin consultant and makeup artist.

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