Professional Highlights

I am Juny Wu, a Registered Physiotherapist originally from Ontario with a background in Kinesiology. Being a firm believer that no one individual and injury or condition is the same, each treatment plan is tailored for you.  My passion is blending eastern philosophy with western evidence-based approaches in treatment and management of chronic and acute neuropathies (CNS- eg. Stroke, MS, TBI etc., PNS- eg. Nerve entrapment, neuropathic pain etc.) and musculoskeletal conditions.  This can involve the use of either various needling techniques, manual therapy, and/or exercises when appropriate.

My interest in holistic care not only led me to complete advance certifications in neuroanatomical acupuncture through the Canadian Naturopathic College and York University, but I have now returned to school to continue studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine.