Joshua Ongcol

Joshua Ongcol | Massage Therapist

Massage has always been a part of Josh’s life. Growing up Filipinx, massage exchange was common between generations and massage was freely given from grandparents, parents and children within the family. So as he grew older, it was only natural that he would practice on friends and family. Josh eventually discovered his other passion in life - dance. As his dance technique became more sophisticated he found that his massage therapy skills mirrored that sophistication as well. Complementing his art, he decided to further his studies in this field. Now, as a registered massage therapist he is excited to share his passion with the public.

His style draws predominantly from his schooling in Holistic Spa Therapy and Registered Massage Therapy program to treat a range of orthopedic and systemic conditions. This includes pregnancy and postpartum, surgical scars, chronic pain, neuralgia, and of course muscle tension and back, neck and shoulder pain. Josh strives to include proper stretching, healthy habits, and injury prevention as other aspects of health within an active rehabilitation plan to provide his clients with the most positive outcome. He believes people are unique, complex individuals and that our bodies innately knows how to heal ourselves. With this in mind he intends to be a facilitator of this healing through moment to moment listening of the body and apply movement as part of the therapy.

When not at work Josh can be found dancing, making art or hanging out with his big family.