Frequently asked questions about chronic pain, natural treatments and our services

How do I choose the right practitioner?

This is a great question! There are multiple ways to treat most conditions. In many cases, you can choose based on your personal preferences or by what is covered by your extended health benefits. If you don’t already have a preference, the following can help guide you:

Choose Acupuncture if you

  • Have tried conventional treatments and the pain hasn't resolved

  • Have persistent pain in more than one area

  • Want to compliment other treatments during recovery (acupuncture can make other treatments more effective)

  • Have heard good things about it and are curious to try (acupuncture can effectively treat many conditions)

Choose massage if you

  • Have doubts about acupuncture or had a bad experience

  • Hate needles

  • Are sensitive to needles or have an above-average pain response

  • Require techniques that only massage can offer

  • Need ongoing support after completion of acupuncture

Choose osteopathy if you

  • Can’t tolerate deep tissue massage or other heavier treatments

  • Are sensitive to touch

  • Are sensitive to needles

Still not sure? Call our office and we’ll help direct you to the right person

Are services covered by MSP?

Some of our services are covered by MSP. Others are covered under many extended benefits plans.