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Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders
Western medicine views eating disorders as primarily a psychological issue, and treatment tends to focus on psychiatry, counselling, and medication. However, to the sufferer – and their loved ones – eating disorders can be like a monster, a constant threat to return and wreak havoc on their bodies and minds. At their core, eating disorder involve
Cupping Therapy in High Impact Sports | Body Option Clinic
You probably heard of last year’s all-time winning Olympian, Michael Phelps. He won a gold medal for a 4×100-meter freestyle relay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was spotted with dark red circles on his back and shoulder, and this caused a huge controversy. Some people thought he looked like a Dalmatian, and others are
Acupuncture Points and their Specific Treatment | Body Option Clinic
Acupuncture is timeless healing practise that originated from China wherein thin needles are placed at detailed body points. It strives to release the body’s vital energy flow through stimulation of energy pathways. According to scientists, the needles allow the body to release natural painkillers called endorphins. Try visualizing this practice to help boost your blood

How To Choose The Best Acupuncturist

Acupuncturist Vancouver: How to Choose One | Body Option Clinic
When I was a young boy, I watched my grandfather take care of forty patients every day. He practiced traditional Chinese medicine during the mid-1960’s in Guangzhou, China. I was seven years old when I learned the craft of dispensing and collecting herbs. Out of pure curiosity, I observed how the consultation process of acupuncture