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Myofascial Trigger Points Vancouver | Body Option Clinic
Do you experience muscle tension and discomfort that worsens with every movement? Does your work cause you to have stress-related muscle pain? Are you involved in activities that require repetitive motion and muscle contraction? Then learn how to detect symptoms and prevent Myofascial Pain Syndrome. With excessive stress, your body can develop inflammation in the

Improve Sport Performance with Acupuncture

Improve Sport Performance with Acupuncture | Body Option Clinic
Olympic players and other top athletes engage in acupuncture therapy to help them recover from injury. Acupuncture is now a popular treatment for musculoskeletal and injuries. According to a report by the American College of Sports Medicine, acupuncture is an exceptional traditional medicine that survived for almost 2000 years. It is widely recognized and accepted
Herbs and Acupuncture to Cure Allergic Rhinitis | Body Option Clinic
Allergic Rhinitis – also known as “hay fever” – is one of the most common health conditions in the world, affecting hundreds of millions of people. While symptoms vary and can range from mild to acute, anybody who suffers from hay fever will tell you that it is definitely not fun. Over the past few years, a