What Are The Acupuncture Points and their Specific Treatment?

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Acupuncture is a timeless healing practice that originated from China wherein thin needles are placed at detailed body points. It strives to release the body’s vital energy flow through stimulation of energy pathways.

According to scientists, the needles allow the body to release natural painkillers called endorphins. Try visualizing this practice to help boost your blood flow and even modify your brain activity!

Through small, thin needles, you will experience very little to no pain upon insertion. Let me show you an overview of the primary channels used for acupuncture points.


1. Lung 

It begins on the chest and runs to the arm and thumb. It is used to treat several disorders of the body such as headache, stiffness of the neck, asthma, cough, sore throat, paralysis of the face and wrist conditions.


2. Large Intestine

It leads from the tip of index finger, running through the arms, shoulders, collarbone and ends at the cheek and nose. This point is primarily used to relieve pain. It helps to treat inflammatory conditions and fever.


3. Stomach

It begins below the eye and travels down the nose and jaw. A part goes up the scalp, down the chest and abdomen, then through the thigh to the tip of your second toe. Anyone suffering from digestive problems, anemia, fatigue, and immune deficiency can greatly find this beneficial.


4. Spleen

This acupoint is very advantageous to fight against hormonal problems like irregular menstruation and immune disorders.


5. Heart

It starts in the armpit and travels to the arm and tip of the little finger. It is used to treat various mental health issues like depression, absent mindedness, insomnia (difficulty of sleeping) and agitation. It may also treat heart diseases and fatigue.


6. Small Intestine

Mental issues are becoming a great concern due to pressures in the society. We can help improve your condition, as well as manage neck pain, stiffness, seizures and fevers through this specific acupoint.


7. Urinary Bladder

Athletes and sports-minded people participate in immense physical activities. We advocate this acupuncture point to relieve you from back pain, hip impairment, leg, abdominal pain and muscle atrophy.


8. Kidney

Located behind the inner ankle, this acupoint is used for treating sore throat, toothache, tinnitus, dizziness, asthma, insomnia, low back pain and irregular menstruation.


9. Pericardium

Feeling anxious because of heart problems? Do you experience heart palpitation and irregular cardiac rhythms? Then you will greatly benefit from pericardium acupoint.


10. Triple Energizer

Originating from the outer side of the arm, Triple Energizer point is highly recommended for problems of the hands, arms, neck, cheek, ears and head.


11. Gallbladder

Canada is in the middle of a rough flu season. Common cold and influenza spikes across the country. This year, infectious diseases are on the rise. Use this acupuncture point to help you combat flu symptoms.

12. Liver

The rush and bustle of the city, matched with stressful personal and work conditions makes you prone to headaches, low energy levels and high blood pressure. Keep calm and relaxed through the liver channel and regain your balanced sense of energy.


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Cody Zhang