Improve Sport Performance with Acupuncture

Olympic players and other top athletes engage in acupuncture therapy to help them recover from injury. Acupuncture is now a popular treatment for musculoskeletal and injuries.

According to a report by the American College of Sports Medicine, acupuncture is an exceptional traditional medicine that survived for almost 2000 years. It is widely recognized and accepted in today’s modern age.

Acupuncture has the capacity to increase enzymes with antioxidant properties to decrease the body’s response to biochemical stressors. This can reduce athletic fatigue and exhaustion.

Are you physically active?

Do you frequently perform daily exercises with intense rate and level?

Then let acupuncture improve your performance and endurance!


Balance your Training Program 

Yin and Yang are two opposite yet characteristics in Chinese philosophy.

Yin refers to periods of rest while Yang is linked to high levels of performance that needs greater energy. It is advisable to combine acupuncture in between periods of recovery and activity.

Yes, we all agree that the most valuable way to improve an athlete’s performance is through extensive physical training. Consistent acupuncture therapy is effective to treat muscles and tendon injuries.

Through this, you can benefit from a full-blown training experience.

Imagine that acupuncture points may also enhance your immune system. This can prevent viral illnesses and help maximize your training potential and withstand your limits.


Acupuncture Enhances Muscular Strength and Power 

Acupuncture points are activated through the needles and this process improves blood flow to the heart. Improved circulation offers you a good cardiovascular health.

As your tight muscles relax, inflammation is reduced due to increased blood flow through the body. This approach helps to relieve muscle strain, and soreness.

Based on a study by Shahin Ahmedov on “Ergogenic Effect of Acupuncture in Sport and Exercise”, soccer players demonstrate an increase in muscle strength through acupuncture. This is determined by knee flexion and extension.

The use of tender or trigger points through acupuncture reveals promising results for the treatment of sport-induced muscle soreness.


Increase your Level of Endurance with Acupuncture

Pre-performance needling is a technique to precisely treat the muscles of the upper and lower extremities. It somehow gives the athletes a temporary strength and agility before a competition begins.

Another method is called ‘auricular acupuncture’ wherein stay in the ear while an athlete performs activities. This is known to give that extra impulse to achieve goals.

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Physical and mental stress before and after a competition can be disturbing for highly active individuals. Acupuncture is not just a process of needling, but it involves accurate observation, assessment, and of a qualified acupuncturist.

Regular treatment in between sessions of training may enhance your energy and facilitate fast recovery. This will allow you to have a deeper and more restful sleep. Your muscles tissues and energy will be restored.

As an athlete, your body seeks for natural ways to find inner balance. Acupuncture can preserve your strength from within, therefore it is possible to enhance your athletic performance.

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Cody Zhang