How To Choose The Best Acupuncturist

When I was a young boy, I watched my grandfather take care of forty patients every day. He practiced traditional Chinese medicine during the mid-1960’s in Guangzhou, China. I was seven years old when I learned the craft of dispensing and collecting herbs. 

Out of pure curiosity, I observed how the consultation process of acupuncture works. My youthful passion to understand what grandpa imparted in me has sparked an interest. I wanted to learn his methods.


Through several years of observation, I developed a strong desire to follow his steps. 

I decided to help people achieve an excellent level of wellness.

Therefore, I want to give you helpful tips in choosing the right acupuncturist.

Choose a Licensed Acupuncturist with Proper Education & Training

In Canada, health practitioners must be trained in acupuncture to practice it as part of their skilled profession. Training standards are set by regulatory bodies of each profession. Licensed acupuncturists are required to complete hours of education and clinical training.

Choose someone that is trained in different areas of medicine.

Not only did I complete Acupuncture, but also Internal Medicine, General and Orthopedic Surgery, Endocrinology, Immunology, Neurology, OB GYN, Emergency and Sport Medicine.

Personal Connection

Unlike the conventional patient-doctor relationship, acupuncture is about creating a healing approach tailored in today’s modern lifestyle.  Choose a professional to develop a positive healing relationship with – not just regular checking of vital signs and writing prescriptions.

Acupuncture sessions last from 30 minutes to one hour. You will spend quality time with your acupuncturist. Think of someone who will not only provide amazing results, but will also modify and transform your treatment strategy for your well-being.

We listen deeply to your needs to assess underlying conditions that need attention. We are concerned with opportunities that can clarify the reasons of your bodily imbalances. We want to empower you until your requests are satisfied.

We are available to answer your all of questions until you feel comfortable with our safety practices and training.

We consider your unique culture and tradition that allows us to have your best interests at heart!

High-End Facilities

The use of one-time sterile needles is the correct practice in acupuncture therapy. Select a clinic that maintains a standard level of cleanliness. The staff should apply the right practice for proper hygiene and sanitation.

Here at Body Option Clinic, we use containers for needles and biohazard collection if needed. Our medical equipment is up-to-date, and you are guaranteed to experience a relaxed, comfortable, and sterile environment.


Additional Services Beyond Acupuncture

Choose a practitioner that has credentials on other areas of Chinese Medicine. If your acupuncturist offers other methods of healing, this can help you attain an overall sense of balance.

We specialize in TCM herbal medicine, E-stim therapy, ancient acupuncture and cupping therapy for joint mobilization.  


So, are you looking for a qualified and expert acupuncturist to have a personal connection with?

Do you seek to achieve maximum health and wellness, with extreme comfort and sophisticated facilities?

Then call Body Option Clinic under 604-260-2713 today so we can help you feel your best and experience the holistic healing of Acupuncture. for online booking click the button below.

Cody Zhang