April Chen

April Chen | TCM Acupuncture

April combines mindfulness practice and TCM acupuncture into MINDFUL ACUPUNCTURE where she weaves mindfulness coaching into her treatment sessions. Adding mindfulness along with acupuncture has greater effects on depression, pain management, emotional wellbeing and digestive difficulties.

Growing up with Traditional Chinese Medicine as a regular part of her family health care, April was inspired to learn Acupuncture and TCM herself about 15 years ago. After moving into a new house, and starting a new job, April started having health problems, she was extremely tired all the time, had difficulty concentrating, digesting system was out of whack, soon it started to impact her performance at work. She was taking more and more sick days as issue progressed on. April’s family doctor ordered a few rounds of lab testing, she was eventually sent home with instruction to rest and reduce stress.

Desperately looking for ways to improve, April tried Acupuncture and was amazed by the result. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, April had classic symptoms of Chi deficiency. With weekly acupuncture treatment, plus some adjustments in diet, she bounced back quickly. Intrigued and curious, April started reading and researching about Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which led her to formally study Acupuncture.

April has a passion for helping Canadian military personnel and veterans as well as breast cancer patients. She builds patient plans that improve quality of live and reduce pain for these groups that have gone through so much.

There are times that the use of a needle is not suitable. Patients who are at risk of developing lymphedema post breast cancer surgery, for example. April utilizes acupuncture techniques or moxibustion heat therapy (smoke free) to achieve the benefit of acupuncture without putting the patient at risk or cause unnecessary stress.

April has treated patients age 4 to 90, for a variety of issues. She noticed that among different age groups of patients in various professions, pain and stress are growing problems. She sees the great benefits acupuncture brings and at the same time is motivated to find new ways to help her patients.

Besides acupuncture and mindfulness, April is also passionate about Tai Chi. She was introduced to Chen’s Tai Chi 15 years ago and has been practicing every week for the last ten years. April is looking forward to sharing some Tai Chi moves with the Body Option Clinic community.

Fun facts about April: She has two rescue Dobermans who are a handful. They live with her in the North Shore, protecting her from squirrels, coyotes and bears.


April is a member of College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

B.B.A. in Finance

April studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at PCU College of Holistic Medicine