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Though we love all our patients, we want to see you less in our clinic and more out living life to the fullest. That said, everyone’s healing timeline looks different, and we are here for you as a foundation of consistent support and motivation. Together, we will uncover the origin of your pain, develop a treatment plan, and do our very best to eliminate your symptoms altogether. 


As a multi-disciplinary practice, we offer a variety of ancient, proven modalities and safe, natural treatments designed to provide you with long term positive effects. All treatments offered at Body Option compliment one another beautifully, and can further expedite your results when used in conjunction with one another. 


We treat the body as a system, with an overall goal to set you free from pain and lead you to regain full vitality and wellness. This can require patience, experimentation, and an open mind. Yet if you are looking to heal your body naturally and effectively, rest assured - you’ve come to the right place!

Photo by Elle Hughes

Photo by Elle Hughes

Get out of pain and live your best life

Living with chronic pain can cause even the most enjoyable aspects of life to feel overwhelming, in turn leading to increased physical, mental, and emotional suffering. It is all too common for patients to quickly find themselves trapped in this vicious cycle, and struggle to ever fully recover.

Here at Body Option Clinic, we are dedicated to searching beneath the surface symptoms of your pain in order to identify, understand, and alleviate the underlying issues at work. Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to support you along your healing journey, so you can get back to living life on your terms. 

Good health starts From Within

After years of coping with pain, many of our patients forget how “healthy” even feels.

We see the four pillars of healthy living consisting of:



Understanding and prioritizing the amount your body requires in order to wake up feeling refreshed and clear

Energy and endurance

Having the opportunity to live each day without relying on the aid of stimulants like caffeine to get you through


Food and Digestion

Knowing what foods to fuel your body with, so it can function at an optimal level


Mood and Emotions

Enjoying each day, rather than waiting for “one day”

When you feel good on the inside, you look better, you move better, you have great energy and people enjoy being around you.